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  • Do you feel confident using the internet?
  • Do you have a dedicated place for sessions? A space that is free of distractions, and household noise?

  • You will be able to continue to have counselling and my support even though we can't meet. However, not everyone finds this approach practical or helpful, so please think about it carefully.
  • You may find the process of communicating from your own protected safe space very helpful in itself. Some clients say they actually find it easier to talk about some things when they're not the in the same room as their therapist (although this may not be the case for you).
  • I may be able to offer you more flexibility online, for example if you have to change location for any reason, you'll still be able to continue with your sessions, as long as you have access to your device.

    Online counselling overcomes barriers that may limit access. For example residing in rural or remote locations, and those that are physically disabled or unable to leave their home, can also easily access such services with little inconvenience.

  • Online counselling provides an opportunity to reach a larger geographical region within the UK. (Please note that my legal and professional jurisdiction is for the UK only. This means that I do not take enquiries from outside the UK).
  • Online counselling may be a positive alternative for individuals who may find it uncomfortable to talk to about their problems face to face with a counsellor, or who are suffering from social phobias, agro phobia or anxiety.
  • Online counselling allows access in private without having to travel to a session.

  • Online counselling take place within a secure, encrypted environment to offer you confidentiality and safety. 

  • I offer Zoom for audio and video counselling.

  • Online counselling provides a level of anonymity which offers a non-threatening engagement which can be less inhibiting for those who find face to face contact more challenging.


  • It may feel strange to work without the same ‘cues’ that arise when we're in the same room together and you may find it harder to communicate exactly what you're feeling. In direct face-to-face communication we pick up information from facial expressions, voice tone, body language, and even the clothes people are wearing, which may be less obvious when working online.
  • You may find yourself exploring things that you wouldn't feel able to say when we're together in person. This might lead to unexpectedly heightened emotional responses both during the session and afterwards. It's important to be aware of this and I'll explore this with you regularly with you as a central and on-going part of the process.
  • Occasionally technological problems can arise which affect the online link. We'll discuss alternative means of contact and have an agreed course of action in case this happens.
  • You'll be responsible for ensuring privacy at your end. You'll need to be able to shut the door on any noise, ensure that no one interrupts us and turn off telephones and other forms of contact.

    Online Counselling is Not Suitable/ Recommended for Everyone

  • Individuals with severe symptoms of a psychological conditions requiring intensive treatment.
  • Individuals experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm.
  • People with serious addictions.

    Inconsistent internet connection, strength, problems with video chat platforms, frozen screens, echoing, and other variables all contribute to a range of disruptions that can interfere during a counselling session.

  • We agree on the date and time of your online session via email.
  • A few minutes before the session starts, I'll send you an email invitation to join a Zoom meeting. This will contain a link which you can click on. As long as you can see the link has come from my email account at the expected time, this link will be safe.

    If you have any concerns you can talk it through with me by phone or email.

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