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My Approach

Imagine you are on a journey and you hit a fork in the road and you have different routes you can take but you are uncertain which route is best for you. How do you move forward? What alternative routes could you take?

Coaching can help you explore which route or routes are the best ones for you. It is very practical and goal orientated. By the end of the coaching agreement you will have clarified for yourself how you want to proceed.

As a Life Coach, I have experience working with a diverse range of people. My work has taken me into prisons, ex-offenders in the community, refugees and people who experience unemployment and homelessness. Life coaching focusses on the present with identified goals that are realistic, achieveable and measurable with the objective to meet the client’s need for change. My work is informed byvaious theories including Cognitive Behaviour, Experiential Learning , Solution Focussed and Career Development..

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Here are a few examples where Life Coaching can be of practical help:
  • Goal setting

  • Becoming ‘unstuck’

  • Increasing your self-confidence

  • Improving self-motivation

  • Exploring your life choices

  • Life stages and transitions

  • Career / retirement / redundancy

  • Relationships


" I met Rhona after several years of unemployment and depression. Rhona’s coaching skills are intuitive as she was quick to challenge my justifications and excuses, especially when I used age and lack of experience as deterrents to applying for a position. Through her coaching I learned how to move beyond my hesitations and to put my presumptions into context. With her personal advocacy I started a voluntary job which led to a paid position, and I began my journey back into employment. She continually encouraged me. I highly recommend her services." - J.W.

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Think of Coaching as an Anagram

C = Clarity
O = Options
A = Action
C = Collaboration
H = Human Potential
I = Intention
N = Need Fulfilment
G = Goals

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